Each session has a 40 person maximum unless otherwise noted.

Child must be at least 6 years old to participate in the Skate Park.

Waiver Requirements

All participants must have EITHER a “one-day waiver” or an annual ID card. Both the “one-day waiver” and annual ID card must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age.

Combo Sessions

All sessions labeled "Combo" are designed for all participants (BMX, Scooter, Inline, and Skateboard).

Skate & Inline Sessions

All sessions labeled “Skate & Inline” are open to all ages. These sessions are typically very full and contain a mixture of ages and skill levels. If you are a new skater, the earlier sessions are best suited, as they tend to be calmer in nature.

Bike Sessions

All sessions labeled “Bikes Only” are designed for BMX, Freestyle Bikes, or Mountain Bikes ONLY – No Tandem Bikes, 10 speeds or any other type of bike. Wheel size may not exceed 26”. Handlebars must have end caps or grips that cover the end of the bars. All bikes must have at least one functioning brake. Pedals must be aluminum or plastic. Pegs may be used as long as they are either PLASTIC or SMOOTH METAL with ALUMINUM CAPPED ENDS. Pegs with holes, serrations, grip tape, grooves, or any other type of surface other than smooth, may not be used. If the owner of the bike does not have proper pegs, they must be removed in order to ride the skate park.

NOTE: No kickstands allowed. No multiple gears. No moving suspension (Hard Tail is okay).

Scooter Sessions

All sessions labeled "Scooter Only" are designed for kick scooter riders only.